What Does Conditioner Do?

Hair conditioner is something we all use, but have you ever wondered what it actually does? Keep reading as we explain what hair conditioner is, what it does, and how to use a conditioner for the silkiest, smoothest-looking results. 

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What is conditioner? 

Conditioner is a moisturising haircare product that leaves strands feeling nourished, soft and smooth. Made up of rich oils that deeply penetrate individual strands, conditioner works to repair damage, protect hair, and replenish lost moisture.  

We believe it should be a key step in everyone’s haircare routine, regardless of hair type or condition. 

What does conditioner do? 

Put simply, conditioner helps to transform the overall texture and appearance of your hair. Its main job is to smooth strands, but a hair conditioner can also: 

  • Replenish lost moisture
  • Repair damage 
  • Protect from future damage 
  • Make hair more manageable 
  • Provide rich nutrients 
  • Nourish hair 
  • Prevent breakage 

With nutrient-rich formulas, conditioners smooth the cuticle to reduce frizz and increase shine, for strands that feel silky-smooth to touch. 

How to use a conditioner 

For the best results, you should use conditioner 2-3 times a week.  

  • After shampooing, apply a generous amount of conditioner to the lengths of your hair, focusing on the ends. 
  • Use long motions to gently work the product onto strands or use a wide-tooth comb to distribute through your lengths.  
  • Leave the conditioner in for around 2-5 minutes to get the most out of the product.  
  • When ready, thoroughly rinse the conditioner out to reveal soft, nourished strands. 

Top tip: Avoid applying conditioner to your roots as it can cause unnecessary grease and weigh down your hair. 

How to use leave in conditioner 

Leave-in conditioner doesn’t need to be washed out, so things are a bit different.  

  • After shampooing, gently towel dry hair to remove excess water. 
  • Apply a small amount of Natural Balance Leave-In Conditioner from mid-lengths to ends.  
  • Gently comb through to ensure even coverage and leave it in to work its magic. 

With a balanced blend of Sesame and Baobab Oils, this leave-in conditioner helps to revitalise hair and increase shine for an instantly healthier look. 

Best conditioner for your hair 

While a conditioner should do the same thing for everyone, different hair types can benefit from different formulas. 

Conditioner for dry hair 

If you have dry hair, consider a conditioner with a deeply nourishing formula. Our Hydrating Conditioner is rich in Shea Butter, Coconut and Sesame Oils to help naturally nourish, strengthen and repair dry strands. 

An infusion of Olive Oil and Vitamin E add shine to dull locks and help to reduce frizz for a smoother, more manageable head of hair. If hair is extra dry, apply some of our Hydrating Treatment Hair Oil to finger tips and run through the ends. 

Conditioner for sensitive scalp 

Delicate hair and a sensitive scalp can make finding the right conditioner tricky. Our Sensitive Micellar Conditioner uses a lightweight combination of Avocado, Coconut and Argan Oils to gently soften hair, while a nourishing blend of Aloe Vera and Chamomile Extract soothe the scalp. 

Conditioner for coloured hair 

With the wrong products, dyed hair can fade quickly. Our Colour Care Conditioner is infused with a moisturising blend of Macadamia Oil and Kakadu Plum Extract to help smooth hair, control frizz and restore shine, while Quinoa keeps the colour looking vibrant for longer. 

Conditioner for fine hair 

If you’re looking for added volume, try our Volumising Conditioner. Free from harsh chemicals, our lightweight conditioner energises hair with volume and bounce, for a soft, weightless feel. 

Rice protein helps to strengthen and hydrate limp strands, while an infusion of botanical extracts promotes healthy, vibrant and glossy-looking hair. 

If you are trying a product or ingredient for the first time, we always recommend a patch test first. 

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