15 Skincare & Beauty Tips for Our Younger Selves

It’s Sukin’s 15th birthday! To celebrate our 15 years, we’re sharing the top beauty and skincare tips we’ve learned along the way. 

Sukin’s skincare and beauty tips

1. Be KIND! 

Yes, to others, but most importantly to yourself. As Dr Seuss said, “There is no one alive who is you-er than you.” Trust that you are enough exactly as you are!

2. Love your skin

There is no such thing as normal skin, so stop worrying about yours! All skin is normal and beautiful, regardless of blemishes or patches.

3. Don’t believe everything you see 

Following on from tip #2, it’s important to remember not to take everything you see for face value. Unfortunately, a lot of celebrities with ‘perfect skin’ have assistance from photoshop with filters added on their pictures and blemishes blurred out.  

Stop comparing your skin to theirs and focus on your own skincare journey!

4. Match your makeup 

One of our top beauty tips is to find a foundation that matches your skin. We’ve all used a foundation that’s too dark for our skin in our time, but it’s better to find one that matches your tone sooner rather than later.  

Rather than testing foundation on the back of your hand, try swatching it on your chest. It’s usually a very close match to the colour of your face! 

5. Re-apply your sunscreen 

If you take only one skincare tip from the list, it’s this. Re apply your sunscreen! One application in the morning isn’t enough, you need to apply throughout the day to keep your skin protected from harmful UV rays! Also, remember to always wear a hat and stay out of the sun during peak UV hours. 

6. Wash your pillowcase 

Ok, this one may be a stretch, but at least swap your pillowcase over and put it with the rest of your washing each week.  

Why spend time on a night skin care routine just to go and sleep on a dirty pillow? Skin thrives with a good routine and clean bedding, so get washing!

7. Always moisturise 

Moisturiser is your friend, not the enemy! The more dehydrated skin becomes, the more oil it will produce to make up for any moisture loss. Instead, keep your skin happy with a light Sukin moisturiser each day, for a healthy glow from inside out. 

8. Cleanse your skin 

A good cleanser shouldn’t strip your skin, but leave it feeling soft and clean. If your face feels super tight, your cleanser is too harsh for your skin type. Find the perfect Sukin cleanser for your skin type with our Skincare Quiz 

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9. Put the coloured zinc down 

It may look cool, but a strip of coloured zinc across your nose doesn’t protect your skin as well as you think. Instead, apply our Sukin Sunscreen for UVA and UVB protection.

10. Ditch the harsh products 

If your toner has high alcohol contents, throw it out! If your body doesn’t not need alcohol, neither does your skin. Not only does it dry out your skin, but it can also make it overly sensitive. Choose a Sukin toner for gentler application and soothing results.

11. Eat the extra piece of birthday cake 

Not a beauty tip, but a very important piece of advice. Life is too short to say no to the things you want, whether it’s a piece of birthday cake or a spontaneous daytrip!

12. Use a gentle scrub 

Please put the coarse body scrub down and keep it away from your face! Harsh exfoliators damage the surface and increase skin sensitivity, so we recommend opting for a gentle formula, like our Rosehip Rejuvenating Face Scrub. 

13. Avoid fake tan mishaps 

An important tip to always remember is to wash your hands after applying fake tan! If you forget, you’ll have very orange palms that stand out for all the wrong reasons.

14. Put down the heat products 

Where you can, put down the heat products! They may create soft waves or pin-straight hair, but the damage they cause just isn’t worth it! We suggest sporting your natural hair, or achieve your desired hairstyle without applying heat!

15. Love yourself 

No amount of skincare or makeup can boost your confidence if you don’t already love what’s underneath. Loving yourself boosts confidence, self-worth, and overall happiness, so it’s time to start appreciating everything about you!  

That’s it, Sukin family! I hope you enjoyed our top skincare, lifestyle, and beauty tips. We would love to hear about your life advice and tips to your younger self, or even how you celebrated your 15th birthday. Please share your stories with us at @sukinskincare. 

If you are trying a product or ingredient for the first time, we always recommend a patch test first. 



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