The Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil For Skin

Battling with skin troubles? Tired of acne and inflammation irritating your skin? Then say hello to your skincare saviour, Tea Tree Oil.  

Keep reading as we explain the Tea Tree Oil benefits, what it does for your skin, and how to apply Tea Tree Oil for a calm, clear-looking complexion. 

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What is Tea Tree Oil? 

Tea Tree Oil is a popular remedy used as an alternative conventional treatment for skin troubles.  

Deriving directly from the leaves of Australian Melaleuca Alternifolia trees, this natural face oil has countless benefits that help to treat several skin complaints. 

Tea Tree Oil benefits 

What is Tea Tree Oil good for? The powerful oil can treat concerns affecting nails, hair and, most importantly, skin.  

Tea Tree Oil helps to reduce the prevalence of acne causing bacteria on the skin and reduces the appearance of redness associated with breakouts – win! 

Its natural properties mean it works for most skin types, no matter how sensitive, promoting a calm, smooth complexion.

1. Acne treatment 

With anti-bacterial Tea Tree as a core ingredient, Tea Tree Oil for acne is a great way to naturally calm the redness and swelling that comes with spots. The oil can also prevent and reduce acne scars, leaving a clear, smooth complexion. 

Tea Tree Oil penetrates deep into the skin to unclog pores, which keeps the face clean and reduces the chance of future breakouts. 

Our Clearing Facial Wash uses Tea Tree Oil to purify skin while removing unwanted dirt, makeup and environmental pollutantshelping to prevent acne breakouts and reducing redness associated with spots.

2. Soothes dry skin 

One of the best Tea Tree Oil benefits is that it can combat dry skin. The antiseptic properties soothe itching from rashes and reduce redness, while providing a boost of hydration with no unwanted shine.

Our lightweight Oil Free Moisturiser gently hydrates skin without clogging pores for a naturally glowing complexion. This natural ingredients moisturiser works to restore lost moisture, while Tea Tree Oil calms any irritation caused by dryness for happier skin.

3. Reduces excess oil 

With its anti-septic properties, Tea Tree removes excess surface oils to combat unwanted shineWhile easily removing oil, it never leaves skin overly-dry or irritated, creating a healthy, balanced-feeling complexion.

Our Clearing Facial Wash is a great way to keep skin clean to reduce unwanted sebum production. 

4. Unclogs pores 

When skin is oily, pores can appear bigger and clog more easily due to the excess sebum production.  

Our Pore Perfecting Toner uses Tea Tree Oil to purify the skin, limiting shine and refining pores. Using this natural toner alongside a cleanser rich in Tea Tree Oil is the best way to remove unwanted oils, reduce the size of pores, and keep them clean.

5. Treats dark spots 

Tea Tree Oil is known for targeting and treating dark spots on the skin.  

Its healing properties work to quickly reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and discolouration, for a more balanced-looking skin tone.

How to use Tea Tree Oil 

Tea Tree Oil can be used in your skin routine in three easy ways: 

  • You can apply Tea Tree Oil by using products that contain it, such as our Clearing Facial Wash, Oil Free Moisturiser, and Pore Perfecting Toner. 
  • Tea Tree Oil can be applied directly to the skin. Mix with a carrier oil, apply onto a cotton ball, then dab the diluted oil where needed (think blemishes or redness). 
  • If you want to target full-body skin issues add 5-15 drops of Tea Tree Oil to a tablespoon of carrier oil, then add to a full tub. 


If you are trying a product or ingredient for the first time, we always recommend a patch test first. 

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