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How To Get Glowing Skin

Tired of battling dull skin on your face? We get it. When your skin looks dull, it lowers confidence and leaves the idea of bright skin feeling impossible to achieve. Keep reading as we explain how to get glowing skin using our range of targeted dull skin products, so you can glow the way nature intended. 

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Dull skin meaning 

Dull skin is a lack of radiance within your complexion. It can show itself in different ways, from dry patches and ashy textures, to uneven tones and dark under eyes. 

What causes dull skin? 

Wondering why your skin looks dull? Believe it or not, dull skin isn’t always age or weather related.  Anyone can experience dullness at any time of the year.  

Some causes of dull skin include: 

  • Lack of sleep – skin regenerates when we sleep, so if you’re not getting the recommended 8 hours, your cells will struggle to renew 
  • Dead skin cells – lack of exfoliation and moisturising can lead to a build-up of dead skin which clogs pores and leaves a grey, ashy appearance 
  • Free radicals – air pollution creates free radicals on your skin that cause damage to skin cells, collagen and pigment production 
  • Clogged pores – bad habits such as leaving your makeup on and not cleansing often enough can lead to clogged pores that prevent skin from breathing 
  • Dehydration – when you don’t drink enough water, your skin’s moisture levels decrease which leaves a dry, deflated complexion 

How to get glowing skin 

For brighter skin, you’ll need to make both lifestyle and skincare changes to reduce dullness, promoting a plumper and more luminous-looking complexion. 

Cleanse skin  

The first step to getting rid of dull skin is cleansing. This will get rid of any leftover dirt, makeup, or oil that’s clogging your pores to allow products to penetrate the skin for brighter results. 

Our Brightening Radiance Gel Cleanser uses a rich antioxidant blend to hydrate, gently exfoliate, and help prevent damage caused by environmental stressors. It removes dead skin cells, excess sebum, and makeup for a glowing complexion. 


A great dull skin treatment is exfoliation. Similar to cleansing, exfoliating removes dry, dead skin and ensures new cells can emerge for a more radiant look. 

If skin looks dull, use our Brightening Jelly Exfoliator once or twice a week to promote a more even and dewy-looking skin tone. Formulated with Passionfruit Seeds, Jojoba, and natural sources of Vitamin C, impurities are gently buffed to reveal a smoother, more radiant-looking complexion. 


Moisturising is all about replenishing lost moisture and locking in hydration for truly glowing skin from inside out. 

During the day, apply our Brightening Illuminating Moisturiser to deeply nourish skin without greasiness. Featuring an Australian Bioactive Complex and enzyme-rich Bromelain, this moisturiser works to even out skin tone and texture for a radiant-looking complexion.  

At night, it’s important to apply a thick moisturiser that can penetrate the skin while sleeping. Our Glow Night Brightening Moisturiser is one of the best dull skin products to rejuvenate your complexion overnight. With a blend of Mango Butter and Squalane, skin is deeply hydrated to promote a natural glow while helping to prevent damage from environmental stressors. 

Apply eye cream 

After moisturising, it’s important to follow up with a natural eye cream. Dull skin can show itself in the form of dark bags and wrinkles around the eyes, so applying a cream that can help lift eyes is important. 

Our Brightening Illuminating Eye Gel is formulated with Green Coffee and Kakadu Plum to reduce the appearance of dark circles, refreshing the area for brighter-looking eyes. 

Live healthier 

While skincare is a huge part of brightening skin, a few lifestyle changes can help too. To avoid dehydration, make sure you’re drinking 6-8 cups of water a day to replenish lost moisturise and reduce dry patches. 

A diet rich in Vitamin C, including various fruits and vegetables, can also help to reduce dullness. The nutrient-rich antioxidant helps to neutralise free radicals and limit the damage for a brighter-looking complexion. 

If you are trying a product or ingredient for the first time, we always recommend a patch test first. 

Explore our Brightening Skincare range
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