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How To Care For Teenage Skin Naturally

Being a teenager can be a difficult time. Between deciphering what you do and don’t like, finding out who you are, entering into your first part-time job, navigating social circles and balancing all that with homework, the blemish-prone complexions that often come hand in hand with teenage hormones certainly don’t make matters any easier. 

Whether you’re a teenager or you’re an adult helping your child work through puberty and the skin qualms that come with it, starting early on a thorough skin care routine is really important. Before we can learn to care for blemish-prone, teenage skin however, we need to understand where those blemishes are coming from and focus on long term skin health rather than quick fixes. 

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What causes teen blemishes? 

The body changes in so many ways during our teenage years, with the skin reflecting just one of those changes. With puberty comes a surge in hormones, and these hormones can increase the body’s production of sebum. Blemishes, at any age, occurs when the skin’s sebaceous glands become blocked thanks to an overproduction of oil and bacteria. This is particularly common during our teenage years as this is when our skin’s oil glands begin to enlarge and produce more oil. Because the skin is still young, it is often unable to keep up with these changes and balance its functions out. 

How to deal with blemish-prone teenage skin 

To deal with blemish-prone, teen skin, look for products that work to balance the skin’s natural oil production. As the skin is still young, it’s worth choosing products that work to improve the health and natural function of the skin rather than harsh, chemical-packed products that can strip the skin of its protective barrier. 

A poor skin care routine (or no routine at all!) certainly doesn’t help things, and if you or your teenager haven’t dealt with serious and ongoing blemishes before then chances are a thorough routine isn’t in place- so now is the time to instil some good skin habits. 

The best natural products for teenage skin 

Face wash for blemishes

To gently but effective cleanse the skin without drying it out, start with the Sukin Blemish Control Clearing Facial Wash. In this cleanser, Eucalyptus works to reduce blemish causing bacteria and minimise the redness that often appears when a breakout occurs, Tea Tree works to absorb excess oils and pomegranate helps to balance congested, clogged pores. 

Toner for blemished skin

The next step is to moisten a cotton pad with a gentle toner to help mattify the skin and prepare it for the skincare steps that follow. Try the Sukin Blemish Control Pore Perfecting Toner, which is rich in Eucalyptus and Tea Tree to clear and soothe blemishes naturally and Quince to minimise shine. 

Spot gel 

As any teen will attest, blemishes generally appear at the most inopportune times- so a fast-working spot treatment is an essential for teenage skin. The Sukin Blemish Control Spot Banishing Gel works to treat breakouts and provide you with quick blemish control thanks to fast-acting Salicylic Acid, which dissolves the dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells that clog the pores, Willowherb, which soothes blemishes and minimises redness, and Quince to reduce shine. 

Oil-free moisturiser 

Complete your teen’s routine with the Sukin Blemish Control Oil Free Moisturiser. Hydration is key in keeping the skin balanced, but choosing an oil free moisturiser will ensure you aren’t leading to further congestion. In this moisturiser, Willowherb and Quince work to soothe and refine blemish-prone skin while Moringa hydrates without clogging the pores.  

If your teen is just getting started with skincare, you can help to instil healthy skin habits with the complete Sukin Blemish Control Kit, which contains all four products to help naturally clear teenage skin.

If you are trying a product or ingredient for the first time, we always recommend a patch test first.



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